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Bicycle Health is a digital health startup that provides online opioid withdrawal and Opioid Use Disorder treatment.
Millions of Americans have limited access to affordable, personalized, and confidential treatment for Opioid Use Disorder. We are solving this gap. We deliver low cost, medication-based treatment to our patients via our online platform. Plus, we build a treatment plan for each of our patients that meets them at their point of need, when they need it most.

We are builders: Hailing from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, our diverse team of clinicians, coaches, engineers, designers, and operators is united in building the best treatment plan for individuals seeking help with their opioid use. Our model allows you to work remotely while working with great teammates. 

We see things differently: Our team is creating a solution that meets the needs of our patients, not the other way around.

We save lives: Medication-based treatment works, but is highly underutilized. By delivering care digitally, we are able to reach more clients and offer our care at an affordable price.

Please review our open positions and apply to the positions that match your qualifications.  If you don't see a current match, please check back later as we are rapidly growing.

There are no open positions at this time.